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Considering an Asset and Inventory Management Software For Your Business?

Asset inventory software offers simple solution to asset management, tracking inventory changes, generate reports to provide you deep insights and have full control over your stocks of resources. In addition, you can provide better service to your customers by ensuring that the customers get the stock they want.

Asset are important resources to a firm and hence managing them is critical in every aspect. From procurement to disposal, every goods in your industry goes through a number of changes during its existence. In order to keep track of all these changes, one has to use an efficient computerized program.

What an Asset and Inventory Management Software can do for your Singapore business?

Mostly in every field, computer technology has now stepped in to spread its power. With that said, asset inventory management in any industry is not an exception, especially with the numerous government grants Singapore companies can apply for when adapting technological solutions.
The asset and inventory management software in Singapore is capable of tracking stock levels, orders, deliveries and sales. They can also be used for other handy purposes like creating reports, work orders, invoices for the payments made and/or received, audit trailing reports and other business related documents.

Industries often use such tools to reduce their carrying costs. These applications provides great solutions to better track products and individual parts as they are transported from a vendor to a warehouse, between warehouses, warehouses to production line and even in case of warehouse to a retail location or directly to an end user or consumer.

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Asset inventory software is used for numerous reasons including:

1. Maintaining a balance in inventory control to avoid over stock as well as shortage.
2. Tracking inventory as it is shipped between locations.
3. Generating of stock reports
4. Receiving shipped items into a warehouse/store or other location.
5. Generating of sales bill and payment invoices
6. Collecting, packing and re-shipping items from a warehouse to retail and/or other location.
7. Keeping track of critical information such as overall sales and available inventory levels.
8. Managing tax and audit reports for legal aspects
9. Cutting down on wastage & spoilage during a product’s life cycle.
10. Avoiding production lag time due to out-of-stock situations.

Key Advantages 

1. Cost benefits – reduces your business cost
With asset management incorporated to avoid over stock, the associated cost of re-shipping or maintaining the over stocks are reduced which in turn reduces the overall cost.

2. Efficiency – Increases the overall efficiency
Inventory management software being capable of automating almost all inventory-related tasks provides great support to business owners. It helps save time, improves efficiency to a greater extent and free up resources which can be put into better use to increase business profitability. For example, the program can automatically collect data, process them, perform calculations, and create portable records. You can view this data via the system or via output reports generated from the system. This results in time savings, cost savings and thus increases the overall business efficiency.

3. Organization – Improves warehouse organization
The features found in the software can help you in warehouse organizing. These innovative inventory tracking systems are designed to manage a wide range of warehouse management problems. It helps one to get more items out of the door, improve order accuracy, and reduce waste on the assets.

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Our Solution’s Asset and Inventory Features Are For You If You Want:

  • Less error in recording your goods
  • Accurate tracking of your inventory with advanced search function
  • Automatic back ordering capability
  • Reports to show your stock costs and movement, allowing easy reconciliation of stock on hand with inventory account
  • User friendly controls


Our Solutions

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Tracking assets is important for all businesses, regardless of size. Our off-the-shelf software and customised software allow you to track your product quantities by location; monitor inventory level to avoid overstocks or outages.  You will be able to take control of your stock while minimize your asset holding costs.

a) Our off-the-shelf program

i) One popular accounting and billing software optionCertified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor logo in Singapore is QuickBooks Online, with affordable monthly fee. It is easy to use and the mobile app version allows you to do business and manage your inventory anytime and anywhere, saving you time.

With the secure backup, you need not worry about the manual backup, making this a cost effective solution for you. In addition, there is no need for you to pay additional fee for updates or upgrades, as it is already included in the monthly fee.

ii) Another solution is MYOB, which offers all the advantages listed above, is extremely user friendly and it runs on an computer, Windows and Mac, and caters to business of all sizes (from startups to established companies).

MYOB Premier Plus offers Powerful Asset and Inventory Management Features. The software caters to Multi Currency-Transactions, Multi-Users, Time-Based & Tracking and Payroll.

b) Customised Solutions

If we assess that your business needs a tailored solution, you will receive leading edge Accounting and Billing Features from our customised solution in Singapore.

We will have a detailed discussion (no obligations) to discuss your current inventory tracking process and recommend solutions to address your company’s needs.

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