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Considering an Inventory System Software For Your Business?

An inventory system software relates to computer-based system management programs that track inventory levels in your business. Since it’s automated, the software minimizes errors during data entry, lowers operating costs and ultimately increases productivity.

Customer expectations have turned a notch higher and so should your service delivery. Being considerate to your business’ scale of operations, keeping track of inventory products, purchases, shipping, sales and related functions are definitive success factors that determine your business’ sales volume.

Oftentimes, poor inventory control translates to delayed product delivery. This not only raises overhead costs, but also results in unsatisfied customers and eventually lost sales. In a nutshell, having a timely and easy to manage inventory system means increased customer traction and better retail sales. A fundamental aspect of an efficient system is automation. The below paragraphs enumerates the ultimate benefits your fledgling business gains by using the system.

Key functions of an inventory system software

Inventory Tracking Software – analyzes and generates output sales reports in various formats for different decision making and monitoring purpose. Additionally, the tracking software produces detailed information (by product) that are user friendly and easy to comprehend.

Barcode Printer – this feature is essential in labeling stock with barcodes for better item tracking. A barcode printer can be fixed in a specified location in case of high volume printing. Small scale printing is done with mobile printers.

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Key benefits on using inventory system software for your business in Singapore

Inventory management’s more accurate – automation minimizes margin for error as to when human labor is used.  This is vital as there are large quantities of moving items that may easily perpetuate errors with human labor.

Saves on labor – the program tracks entire inventory process, from supply, warehouse operations and sales all the while eliminating hand-keying of the product data, manual report compilation. This minimizes labor requirements (especially important as labor costs are increasing in Singapore) and saves a lot of unproductive work done, hence time as well.

Fast and efficient stock management – as businesses have access and control on inventory system, they can fine tune problematic areas in the system improving performance and tracking stock.

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Our Inventory Features Are For You If You Want:

  • Less error in recording your goods
  • Accurate tracking of your inventory with advanced search function
  • Automatic back ordering capability
  • Reports to show your stock costs and movement
  • User friendly controls

Customer SatisfactionOur off the shelf and customised solutions feature an inventory management system to enhance accuracy, efficiency, control and better service delivery. Among other features, the powerful searching capabilities for locating stock by batch code, item number and bin or by barcode. More so, it helps view orders, monitor stock movement across multiple bins.

The multiple features prime of these with accounting features that caters for inventory system control as to suit any Singapore business, whether small in size or large in operations.  These features makes the computer system effective yet easy to control.

You are assured of a great solution provider to better business decision making, supports businesses to gather vital data with regard to stock movement. Business owners can then order stock appropriately in their warehouse or office while dispensing services efficiently.

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Our Solutions

Professional Accountant Logo Auxzol ERP QB_IntuitLogo_Vert_RGB

Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor logoa) Our off-the-shelf program

i) One popular accounting and billing software option in Singapore is QuickBooks Online, with affordable monthly fee. It is easy to use and the mobile app version allows you to track your inventory on the go, saving you time.

With the secure backup, you need not worry about the manual backup, making this a cost effective solution for you. In addition, there is no need for you to pay additional fee for updates or upgrades, as it is already included in the monthly fee.

ii) Another solution is MYOBMYOB Premier Plus, offers Powerful Inventory Features. The software caters to Multi Currency-Transactions, Multi-Users, Time-Based & Tracking and Payroll.

b) Customised Solutions

If we assess that your business needs a tailored solution, you will receive leading edge Accounting and Billing Features from our customised solution in Singapore.

We will have a detailed discussion (no obligations) to discuss your current inventory tracking process and recommend solutions to address your company’s needs.

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