Mac Accounting SoftwareChances are if you are a Macintosh (Mac) user, you absolutely love your computer and have high expectations for it, and the software you use on it.  Many small businesses utilize Mac computers because of their ease in use and versatility.  However, one piece of software has remained a problem for Mac users, for years – accounting software.

Typically most accounting software is originally designed to work on window’s machines or PC’s.  It is the window’s version of software that is then converted to a Mac version, in hopes of providing the same robust capabilities.  In past years, these conversions have fallen short, leaving Mac users with software that does not function properly and a waste of time and money.  Recently, several accounting program have been released that are made to work specifically on a Macintosh computer.

Accounting Programs available for Mac users in Singapore

Several accounting software are now available for the Macintosh users.  These software are highly accessible even for small firms on a limited budget as they only require a one time payment.

There are also government grant available for companies registered in Singapore.

What to look out for when buying a Mac accounting program for your company

While a software package offers all the tools needed to manage your business invoicing, finances and tax, you should still consider these points when shopping for your Mac accounting software:

  • Design – Mac users are typically used to easy user interfaces and functionality. Review your software choices.  You will find a software that will not only complete all the necessary tasks, but will be simple and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Installation – Mac users have a “work-out-of-the-box” mentality. The software you choose should be just as easy to install and maintain, with automatic updates and downloads.
  • Customer Support – in the past Mac users were left on their own, as many companies did not have specialist that could support a Mac. Make sure the software you choose is able to provide quick support if necessary for your Macintosh.
  • Organization – Mac are known for their simple “drag and drop” feature. You should consider using a software that has the same capability.
  • Integration – Mac typically allows for easier integration with other software. Your accounting application should provide the same capability.

Macintosh accounting software is an excellent application to use in managing and keep track of your business finances, and the rich features you can choose from will give you plenty of tools and reports, such as invoicing and inventory control.  MYOB Account Edge is one such Macintosh accounting software that you should purchase now to enjoy these benefits.

MYOB Account Edge is for you if you want:

  • Business software that is fully compatible with the latest Mac OS
  • Feature packed program that automates many of your accounting functions
  • Integrated system that can to handle your invoices, inventory and billing
  • Customizable forms for your customers, suppliers and staff
  • Business analysis functions that provide you with your company’s performance

The bottom line is that you know that you have multiple options for good accounting application to use on your Macintosh computer.  Using this software will not only save you time and money, but will allow you to finally have all of your information in one central location.  It is extremely useful for owners of small firms as it gives a one-in-one solution. Contact Ascend Edge today, a MYOB professional accountant, to find out more!

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